Is Mejuri Jewelry Worth It? Our Senior Fashion Editor Investigates

Yes, fine jewelry *can* be affordable.
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Feb 14, 2022

For a long time, the fine jewelry space was reserved for a certain, well-to-do subset of shoppers. The price tags were sky-high (eight to ten times the price at cost, by some approximations), and only repeat customers who established a rapport with their local jewelers were likely to score a discount. This created a huge chasm between jewelry shoppers, walling everyday consumers out of the market almost entirely—until Mejuri came along. 

Mejuri’s whirlwind success is no secret. Since launching in 2015, scores of It-girls have taken to Instagram to voice their support for the brand, and many of its 1 million followers have test-driven the brand at home—many with the same rosy feedback. (“Mejuri is a ten out of ten,” a friend said to me when embarking on this experiment.)

If you’ve happened upon the brand’s minimalist ad campaigns and sleek ecommerce experience, you may wonder: can Mejuri really create fine jewelry for a fraction of the price, without compromising quality? We investigate.

What is Mejuri Jewelry?

Mejuri is a Toronto-based direct-to-consumer label serving fine and semi-fine (aka, gold-plated or gold-filled) pieces for the modern jewelry consumer. Noura Sakkijha, a Jordanian engineer and third-generation jeweler, noticed a problem within the market: it was designed for men gifting women, instead of empowering women to buy pieces for themselves. 

Ditching this antiquated idea of the way people shop, Sakkijha parlayed her knowledge of the traditional jewelry market into a unique business model—one that turned conventional jewelry shopping on its head. “It’s what I always tell my friends: When you’re working hard and making your own disposable income,” she tells goop, “you buy yourself the damn diamond.”

How Much Does Mejuri Jewelry Cost?

Mejuri’s well-intentioned origins aren’t the label’s only draw—its cost-effective price tags have a fan club of their own. Mejuri’s offerings start at $25 (which will get you a simple 14-karat gold stud) and go up to $4,000 for a choker necklace with 412 pavé diamonds. There’s something for everyone—whether you’re shopping for yourself or your entire holiday gift list

The best part? Mejuri’s transparent pricing research. While shopping on-site, you’ll notice that Mejuri lists the “Estimated Retail Price” next to the “Mejuri Price” of each item—and the difference can be hundreds of dollars. Take the brand’s Thin Dôme Ring: the $295 Mejuri silhouette would cost as much as $885 at a traditional retailer.

What Mejuri eliminates are exorbitant markups by middlemen and retailers in the traditional jewelry market. That’s a lot of money back in your pocket—money that you can now spend on more jewelry.

Is Mejuri Jewelry Real Gold?

To put it to the test, Mejuri lent Editorialist six pieces for hands-on quality assessment—three from its permanent “Icons” collection. Some were affordable, like its cult-favorite Gold Vermeil Croissant hoops ($75), while others were more aspirational, like its 14-karat yellow gold Serpentine bracelet ($300). For those who have doubts about Mejuri’s gold’s authenticity, the first thing on my agenda was a float test (i.e., if sinks in water, it’s real gold, and if it floats, it’s faux). Of course, Mejuri’s jewelry passed with flying colors. 

Upon starting the test, the first thing to catch my attention was the lightweight nature of each piece. Nothing is more disappointing than splurging on a pair of hoops that are too heavy to wear for more than a few hours at a time—so this earned points on my scorecard. Mejuri achieves this balance by keeping its chains slender and hollowing out its dome silhouettes, so that they have the appearance of mighty, filled-out pieces without the added weight—nor the increase in price for more material.

Is Mejuri Jewelry High Quality?

I spent weeks testing these bijoux, but one day was enough to see why the Instagram set relies on Mejuri pieces for their day-to-day adventures. Through its streamlined shapes, it’s mastered the art of barely-there accessorizing—I forgot I was wearing any jewelry within five minutes of putting on its Croissant Dôme Hoops and Thin Dôme Ring. The same goes for its necklaces. That’s not to say that they’re not impactful—each piece makes a statement.

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Naer

In terms of care, Mejuri suggests removing sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces before exercising, washing your hands, and showering. For its 14-karat gold pieces, its advice is to store them in a safe, dry place when not worn, as exposure to everyday irritants can eventually wear down the sheen of the piece.

When I test jewelry, I first follow all care instructions to the letter. Then, I test each piece the way a rulebreaker would: wearing pieces to the gym, in the shower, and everywhere in between. This was especially apt for this test—everyday jewelry brands like Mejuri are intended to be lived in, not taken off every few hours. 

While sweat and moisture are known to degrade both gold vermeil and sterling silver metals, Mejuri’s pieces didn’t tarnish in the slightest under these circumstances. The integrity and sheen of the gold hoops and sterling silver chain (shown above) remained intact after several soaks and gym sessions. That’s not to say that you should throw its care instructions out the window—but you can go in with a bit more confidence, should you forget to remove them before your next shower or sweat session.

One area of improvement for Mejuri would be its hoop closures. One of my sterling silver hoop earrings fell out while doing a moderate walk on the treadmill, and I wasn’t able to recover it. Luckily, mismatched earrings are trending—but I’d definitely love to see Mejuri improve its earring backs to have a stronger grip on their respective posts. 

Pro-tip to skirt this issue: go with Mejuri’s latch-back or omega-back earrings (such as the Small Chunky Hoops, for instance). Hoops that span the entire 360 degrees are less likely to get caught on hair or in face masks and go flying.

Is Mejuri Jewelry Worth it?

Mejuri is the real deal. Its baubles come with an ease and unfussiness, at an unbeatable price. Sure, this isn’t the first DTC brand to overhaul the system—the idea of luxury-for-less is increasingly commonplace. Still, as a leader of this vanguard and a progressive force in an industry that needed to evolve, I’m excited to see what Mejuri does next—and I’ll surely be shopping along throughout its journey. 

To peruse the pieces I tested, all of which have Editorialist’s stamp of approval, browse below.

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